Running your business is a lonely experience

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Running your business can be a very lonely experience. Make it a top priority to connect with people in the same industry that you are. Connect with them at seminars, on-line, blog’s, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and on any other social media platform. Start or become part of a study or master mind group. They will show you what they are doing. They will give you new ideas. They will tell you what is going on in your industry, what’s new and what’s outdated. Learn from them, improve on them so that you can be better than them.


Debt and the death of your Business

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Most businesses have cash-flow problems ¬†somewhere along the line. They make use of debt to overcome their cash flow problem’s in the short term. Some businesses manage to resolve their cash-flow problems and move into greener bank balances. Some fall into the debt trap and never recover and die. Be very very careful when you need to go into debt.

“Debt is a terrible Master”